Peavey PV1 Power Amplifier

Peavey PV1 Power Amplifier

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PV1 Power Amplifier
The PV series amplifiers offer the sonic superiority and unsurpassed reliability for which Peavey is famous, while remaining surprisingly compact. Advanced technology and extensive protection circuitry aloow operation with greater efficiency into difficult loads and power conditions. The DDT (Distortion Detection Technique) circuitry ensures trouble-free operation into loads as low as 2 ohms. DDT protects drivers and ensures that sonic integrity is maintained, even in extreme overload conditions. The high-efficiency design uses tunnel-cooled heat sinks and variable-speed fans.


  • Distortion Detection Technique (DDT)
  • Line voltage selector switch
  • Cooling Fans
  • 100 Hz crossover
  • Front panel LEDs: DDT, Signal, Thermal Protect and Power
  • Switchable 2nd order 40Hz high pass filter

Watts RMS: 2 Ohms 550 watts per channel stereo

                   4 Ohms 400 watts per channel stereo, 1000 watts bridged

                   8 Ohms 250 watts per channel stereo, 750 watts bridged


Watts PEAK: 2 Ohms 1100 watts per channel

                    4 Ohms 800 watts per channel stereo, 2000 watts bridged

                    8 Ohms 500 watts per channel stereo, 1500 watts bridged